The purpose : When I first started my business, I was thinking small, thinking short term, and just a quick hustle, but this entrepreneurial became my passion, my destiny and I found myself making many lifetime goals as an entrepreneur. I started De’Major in 2019 and have since expanded in many ways  My purpose is to motivate young girls all over to become there own bosses and put fourth the effort to be come independent, self efficient and dedicated to whatever their passions are. 

The vision: There is always a bigger picture no matter how small the frame may seem. The bigger the vision the wider the horizon. Never settle! Always plan accordingly, and execute. My vision was to become successful in my own definition. Everyone has there on definition of success, and mine is to be able to provide, not only financially but emotionally, physically and mentally for my family, friends and even the world. I wanted to be the person to make a change, stand for something and not fall for anything.

The goals : The goals are to be recognized for my hard work, perseverance, and commitment to my businesses. It takes so much patience and timely effort to build something from the ground up and I hope my effort never goes unnoticed. The goal is to be SUCCESSFUL! Success is defined differently every time from each person! Always remember to stay on your path, in your destiny and pursue your dreams that will help define your success!

The owner: Deraisha English, born in raised on the south side of Chicago! 25 years old and a college graduate. Intellectual, honest, reliable and hardworking would describe me.